-Restores optimum cell function

-Increases circulation

-Reduces inflammation

-Faster recovery from surgery, injury, or muscle stress

-Aids in oxygenation of the blood

-Helps tissues get the nutriants and oxygen that they need, while aiding in detoxification and removing lactic acid

-Can help even severely damaged nerves recover

-Alternative to pain medication, has been found to reduce pain to the equivalent if 10mgs of Morphine

– It works with our natural electromagnetic energy fields.


“It’s like a hypobaric chamber, TENS unit, ultrasound, interferential, Russian stim, and deep tissue message… all rolled up into a small box and then put on steroids!”

Quote by Dr. Jerry Dreessen, Chiroprctic Sports physician, and co-auther “P.E.M.F. : The Faster, More Effective Way, To Relieve Your Pain”


Helps overall health, not just the area that we are treating:

Over the last hundred years the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened on average by about 6 percent. In the last thousand years it has fallen nearly 30 percent. Due to this decline in strength of our planet’s magnetic field, Dr Nakagawa suggests that there is a human health effect. He argues that a falling magnetic field puts us at risk since humans evolved in a magnetic field, thus it is necessary for proper health. Magnetic therapy can make up the deficit.

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Cost: $50 per half hour session (generally more than one area is treated within a half hour) I do accept credit cards